Manila Startup Week Kick Off @ A Space Manila: Where the Game Changers Come to Meet

This week is totally the highlight of this entire month for our team, hands down! This experience was so life-changing that we wish we brought more friends to join us in these events because frankly, it’s not so often that one venue holds such a strong concentration of geniuses.

(photo credit: A Space Manila)

Startup Week brings entrepreneurs, local leaders, and friends together over five days (May 18 – 22) to build momentum and opportunity around your community’s unique entrepreneurial identity. This year it was hosted by Learning Curve, Inc., a company that has proven itself the best in providing platforms and avenues for continuing education. They are the market leader in investment education, pioneering the Money Summit and Wealth Expo. They are also a major partner of global startup movements, which is why they were appointed as hosts for this year’s Manila Startup Week.

(with the Learning Curve team: June Sy [left], Chief Events Engineer, and Heinz Bulos, President)

Being new to the Startup community (especially in the tech category), our initial goal upon joining the Startup Week is to understand the community, the industry, and to know as much as we can about it. And the things we learned were truly valuable. 


The Manila Startup Week commenced on May 18, where Learning Curve Inc. hosts a launch party to welcome all startup entrepreneurs to the week-long celebration.

During the first part of the Kick Off, we listened to Ms. Nicole Paterno of 1000 Angels as she told us about the current startup ecosystem. She updated us on the stats that could be crucial information to some startup founders. Our personal favorite is when she showed the categories of industries where the market is saturated and untapped. It just gave such an encouraging message to create solutions to improve people’s lives… in the most creative way as one possibly can. For a social entrepreneur, there is no purpose as fulfilling as that.

(Nicole Paterno of 1000 Angels)

We got to meet and network with the organizers, speakers, and participants. This part was very exciting as we met and chatted with a lot of fantastic leaders and go-getters who created great tech solutions to pressing issues that have been present for a long time. What’s really remarkable here is that these are young minds, but also strong minds.

(Ron Hose: CEO, and lead author of World Startup Report)

(with April Cuenca, CEO and founder of

The thing that was really inspiring was the culture and mindset of this community. One of the startup entrepreneurs said, “If you bring up a problem with no solution yet, best believe that someone in here will come up with a solution next week.” That reflects so much on this community’s drive, desire, and passion.

It was truly a great welcome for the coming week. After the Kick Off Party at A Space Manila came the Startup Grind, Women Who Launch, and Pecha Kucha. Check out how everything turned out in the next entries!